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Free Parenting Resources

The Power of Play Therapy
with Play Therapist Genevieve Johnson MA

Free Parenting Resources

Ever wonder HOW or WHY play is so powerful? Take a trip inside the brain to find out how we process memories and events and why somethings, things get "stuck". Why we process things the way we do and how play therapy is effective at targeting these stuck experiences. 
Presented by: Genny Johnson, Play Therapist, and owner or BCPT Longmont
What Aggression Really Means
Does your child hit, kick, bite, or yell? Do you worry about their aggressive behaviors and what they might mean? As a parent, aggression can be both scary and frustrating. In the midst of an outburst it may feel like there is something “wrong”…but we have discovered what is REALLY happening! 
Presented by: Bridget Borsdorf, Therapist, owner of BCPT Boulder