Meet Our Play Therapists

Here at the Bridge Center, it is very important to us that you work with someone who is able to meet your needs and expectations. Our therapists all have a variety of experience and expertise, in addition to extensive training with children, parents, and families. We invite you to get to know all our therapists and make a suggestion about whom you may feel is the best fit to work with you. 

Genevieve Johnson, MA, LPC

Owner, Lead Therapist

I am Genny, a play therapist in Longmont specializing in enhancing the parent-child connection, breaking through frustrating behaviors and optimizing your child's ability to learn and socialize. I am committed to emotional expression and feel inspired when I hear parents, teachers, and kids naming feelings and working through difficult moments with one another.  I also have a passion for bringing emotional awareness and regulation into the school setting, as I think it is a major obstacle children face when trying to learn. I see clients privately for play therapy and work with parents, children, and teachers to help everyone minimize distress and start living the lives they want.

Bridget Borsdorf, MA, LPC

Supervisor, Therapist

Bridget started The Bridge Center Organization with the intention of bringing health and wellbeing to children and their families. She has worked with a variety of issues and challenges, and has found the work with self-acceptance, confidence building, and parents to be the most fulfilling. Personal growth and development is her passion, not only with families, but also in coaching, instructing, and mentoring therapists, teachers, alike.

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Brittany Alley, MA


Hi, my name is Brittany and I am a play therapist in Longmont, CO. I have spent several dedicated years working with children and their families in a variety of settings. This includes both in schools and in nature as a teacher, behavior support/therapist, and caregiver. I am devoted to finding new ways for a child to self-regulate, increase emotional awareness and tolerance, and to learn to trust and strengthen their own inherent wisdom. I believe that a child's inner wisdom is a gift, and when we can encourage and harness this part of themselves, we can see an increase in resilience, independence, self-esteem, and creativity. ‚Äč

Brittney Barth


Brittney’s passion for supporting children and families has guided her life’s path. Her years working in the field of Early Childhood Education has offered her rich insight into the ways in which children’s struggles manifest in both their home and school lives. Her authentic and joyful presence allows her to offer a heartfelt, non-judgmental space for children to explore the full range of their experiences. Brittney is currently earning her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University, with a concentration in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. She holds a deep appreciation for the ways in which life’s challenges invite growth and transformation, and she feels both honored and humbled to be a part of that process alongside her clients. Brittney's work is rooted in a belief in the wisdom inherent in all behaviors and challenges, and she aims to guide her clients towards love and acceptance of all parts of themselves and their experience.

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